Kocyk + Poduszka Średniaka - Myszki

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From birth, the soft, colourful blanket is your baby's indispensable companion in many situations. It's perfect for use in a baby's cot or car seat, for example. It wraps gently, providing warmth and a comfortable sleep.

The baby blanket in size S is perfect for use in the cradle, carrier or pram, while the baby blankets in size S are ideal for use in the nursery or kindergarten during naps, for example. The little one can take his blanket anywhere, treating it like his favourite cuddly toy.

The blanket is made of high-quality materials - 100% natural cotton on one side and soft Minky on the other. Inside there is an anti-allergenic filling that provides warmth and allows the skin to breathe.

The patterned cotton and minky make the blanket look very stylish and elegant. The minky blanket will add variety to your child's room, making the cot even cosier and more colourful.

The blanket makes an ideal set together with the cushion. The cushion - just like the blanket - is made of cotton and minky on both sides.

DIMENSIONS: Blanket 75x100 cm; Pillow - 30x40 cm

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